Student Email and Office 365 Transition​

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Student Email and Office 365 Transition

  1. Is my email address/account going to change?
   No. Your student login will remain the same to access your Email, OneDrive and Office365 apps but your data will not be transitioned. Your old student email address has been changed to end in If you see an account signed in with the onmicrosoft ending then you will need to fully sign out and back in using your student email ending in Instructions for how to do so can be found here.

  1. Will this affect faculty accounts?
   No. This will only affect student accounts. Data in OneDrive and email will not be affected for Staff, Faculty and Adjuncts.

  1. Where will I log into my email/account after the change?
   You will still log into your email and your accounts using the same links as before. To log into your email you can use this link here.

  1. Will I need to set up MFA again?
   Yes. You will need to set up your MFA again after the transition. Simply sign into your account and you will be prompted to set up your Multi-factor. We are including instructions below for this process. Instructions for setting up Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. How can I remove my old account and add my new account?

  2.   We have put together a list of instructions for removing your old logins for Microsoft applications which can be viewed from this link. For direct assistance with these instructions please reach out to the service desk for assistance.